en kort bakgrund

Jag växte upp på en ö utanför Göteborg och upptäckte väldigt tidigt att jag föredrog att läsa, skriva, rita och skapa framför att leka utomhus; om jag gjorde det handlade det mest om att klä ut mig eller något i den stilen. När jag ser tillbaka fanns det aldrig en tid då jag inte hade som mål att använda kreativitet i mitt yrke en dag, och detta fanns hela tiden i bakhuvudet genom olika jobb och konstkola och ledde slutligen till beslutet att studera mode- och textildesign i Milano, Italien.

Jag flyttade 2006 och efter tre år som student fick jag anställning vid den grafiska avdelningen på det världskända modehuset Moschino. Det var här jag upptäckte hur mycket jag älskade att skapa mönster, använda starka färger, rita seriefigurer och ge olika karaktärer personlighet genom att göra små enkla ändringar i linjer. Moschino har en lekfull tradition i dess design som kom från grundaren Franco och hans starka personlighet. Jag älskade att titta på bilderna från arkivet då det finns många galna saker där.

Allt möjligt kan inspirera mig; konst, musik, människor på gatan, en bok som får mig att gråta, ett tyg, starka historiska personligheter eller praktiskt taget allt som gör mig nyfiken eller utlöser en reaktion. På samma sätt som jag älskar att ändra teman och inluenser, tycker jag väldigt mycket om att utmana mig som konstnär och person genom att pröva olika teknier och stilar då jag tecknar.


vill du starta ett samarbete?

Denna hemsida är en kanal för olika idéer, tankar och känslor; det kan vara en dikt, en bok, ett klädesplagg, en bild eller en hel serie bilder länkade till varandra. Som en fristående grafisk formgivare, illustratör och konstnär är jag tillgänglig för samarbeten med både företag och privatpersoner.

Kanske har du en idé till en målning i kontoret, vardagsrummet eller som gåva, kanske du behöver illustrationer till en bok eller mönster tryckt på en tapet... Kontakta mig gärna så kan vi boka ett möte live eller online och bolla alternativ och idéer till att börja med förr att tillsammans komma fram till den bästa lösningen!

Allt gott!


I look back at my latest post here which was almost a year ago and realize nothing and everything has changed since then. I am still struggling, it has been even tougher after that, I still love what I do but not where I want to be yet. I now know I am willing to do almost everything to move forward, I'm capable of ignoring an aching heart and work anyways, my passion stays even if days have been spent crying and/or sleeping a whole day.

My soul is made of creativity; I breath it and live it. I had moments I wanted to just quit everything but can't really see another way to walk. So I continue making my own path and envision the goal every step of the way; the goal to do what I do now on a bigger scale, every day for the rest of my life. And once I get there I want to help others finding their way of moving ahead without listening to negative voices.

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It's almost the end of the year and when I think back this has been one of the toughest ones so far. All focus has been on work and I almost missed when the seasons changed sitting at my desk. Was it worth it? I'm not rich (yet) but all this concentrated work towards my goals have changed me completely and I can't turn back. The two parts of my company are developing in their own speeds while I try to keep up with the millions of ideas in store just waiting to become reality. It takes a lot of energy and sometimes I want to quit and have a long break, but then I consider the alternative which is going back to being employed...and i move on. I was stubborn as a kid, this has not changed a bit. I love my job despite all the problems it presents. <3

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If an inside is broken, how many pieces would it have if it became a puzzle? How many hours would it take to fit it together and what would it look like in the end..?

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She stepped on the small rock lying in the lake in the middle of the forest. It was her fairytale place she would never reveal to anyone else. The rock was slippery but she managed to jump to the next one balancing with her arms, concentrating on the path that formed in front of her. She could almost pretend she was walking on the water since you wouldn't notice what was under her feet from a distance.

She had heard stories from what her parents called "the bible" and apparently some old man wrote thousands of years ago, and in one of them someone could actually walk on water without any rocks. This made her very jealous because she could imagine how free she would feel if nothing stopped her. Another solution would of course be to not weigh anything, kind of like a feather who had fallen off a bird and could follow the winds now when not attached to a body.

She decided to return to the ground and lay on the green grass while watching the clouds above. Today they were unusually fluffy and formed interesting animals all of them. One was most certainly a unicorn trying to bite the frog in front of it. Not very nice, but then again she was sure it didn't do it because it was hungry. Everybody knew unicorns only ate things with the colour of rainbows, so the frog was safe.

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Deep inside the cave lived a monster, but not one that were intentionally mean or cruel but when someone woke it up it always became crazy. Most of the time it slept like a baby and didn't hurt anyone, but every once on a while a certain kind of voice made its way through the walls and reached those enormous ears that immediately started to twitch. Just like any other sleeping creature the big limbs were still and the breathing regular, but in the same moment the eyes opened up they turned red with anger all because the monster preferred sleeping and hated the world it lived in. When awake all the petty feelings of people; the jealousy, vanity, sadism, insecurity...all came rushing towards the mind and fed the fury even more. What looked like a beast only wanted peace and happiness but couldn't protect itself and when in that state nobody who stood in its way had a chance. The thick walls of the cave protected most of them from a sure death, but the mountain suffered from the tossing of the heavy body, the sharp claws and the loud roars. This could last for ever until suddenly it went all quiet again and the creature calmed down and returned to its sleeping state where all nightmares instantly turned into sweet fairytales. And so it remained. In this state the monster looked fluffy an cuddly and any kid would have wanted to stay next to it, all the others too for that matter. The world was a safe place again, but if you studied the thick walls carefully you would notice small cracks that grew bigger for every tantrum...

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Twinkle twinkle little star... she stared at the lights on the black background and the thought of them being unreachable made her dizzy... They were like shining diamonds glued up there and if she reached far enough one would fall down on her were she lay flat on the ground... What if they all fell down at the same time and covered her entire body and burned her to ashes... Obviously this was one of those thoughts that always made her mother look at her with those big, worried eyes without mentioning what she really thought; her daughter had a too vivid immagination... but the mind was unstoppable, like a train driving full speed through a tunnel crushing everything in its way.
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"Step into the darkness", she said and looked into his soul. Her eyes were black just like the long hair caressing her face in the wind. He fel hypnotized by her voice even though he knew he shouldn't listen to her.
"What are you afraid of?", she continued. He couldn't answer, he knew he would have to say 'everything' but it was as if his tongue was glued in it's place and he stayed silent. She smiled but there were no emotions in the movement. Despite this he knew she was the most beautiful and terrifying human being he had ever encountered in his entire life. The thing he was most afraid of was that she would destroy everything he was, and he also knew it would happen the moment he said yes to her invitation. 'The darkness' she called it, he knew it was the same thing as 'the end of him'. While they were standing there the weather became worse and it was turning into a storm which made him feel like they would fly up in the air, and then he would have to hold on to her. He would rather die than do that, but also knew he had to either way. She had him right where she wanted...

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One day you will wake up and feel all is as it was always meant to be... One day all those small pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you will understand what motif they were meant to form all along. At the moment things are flying in the air and are hard to catch, your head is spinning with exhaustion and things to sort out, but don't worry. The day is moving closer, somehow you can feel it deep inside; that buzzing like a bee who is moving his wings faster and faster. I know you long for peace of mind, but maybe that's never been the goal, the goal is just to see the whole picture and realising where you fit into the landscape forming in front of you. High mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls... and you... A dreamer and a creator of your own path. It might be difficult for others to understand this stubborn struggle to fit it all together, but you know it will happen even if they might think you lost half of pieces already... small small steps... One day... Not tomorrow, but one day...

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Just excited that I seem to move ahead finally. A collaboration that will be extremely gratifying is slowly being planned, a portfolio will be put online, a collection is growing up from zero to something. I think I will enjoy controlling my own life..!

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