She stepped on the small rock lying in the lake in the middle of the forest. It was her fairytale place she would never reveal to anyone else. The rock was slippery but she managed to jump to the next one balancing with her arms, concentrating on the path that formed in front of her. She could almost pretend she was walking on the water since you wouldn't notice what was under her feet from a distance.

She had heard stories from what her parents called "the bible" and apparently some old man wrote thousands of years ago, and in one of them someone could actually walk on water without any rocks. This made her very jealous because she could imagine how free she would feel if nothing stopped her. Another solution would of course be to not weigh anything, kind of like a feather who had fallen off a bird and could follow the winds now when not attached to a body.

She decided to return to the ground and lay on the green grass while watching the clouds above. Today they were unusually fluffy and formed interesting animals all of them. One was most certainly a unicorn trying to bite the frog in front of it. Not very nice, but then again she was sure it didn't do it because it was hungry. Everybody knew unicorns only ate things with the colour of rainbows, so the frog was safe.

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