Dark soul

Deep inside the cave lived a monster, but not one that were intentionally mean or cruel but when someone woke it up it always became crazy. Most of the time it slept like a baby and didn't hurt anyone, but every once on a while a certain kind of voice made its way through the walls and reached those enormous ears that immediately started to twitch. Just like any other sleeping creature the big limbs were still and the breathing regular, but in the same moment the eyes opened up they turned red with anger all because the monster preferred sleeping and hated the world it lived in. When awake all the petty feelings of people; the jealousy, vanity, sadism, insecurity...all came rushing towards the mind and fed the fury even more. What looked like a beast only wanted peace and happiness but couldn't protect itself and when in that state nobody who stood in its way had a chance. The thick walls of the cave protected most of them from a sure death, but the mountain suffered from the tossing of the heavy body, the sharp claws and the loud roars. This could last for ever until suddenly it went all quiet again and the creature calmed down and returned to its sleeping state where all nightmares instantly turned into sweet fairytales. And so it remained. In this state the monster looked fluffy an cuddly and any kid would have wanted to stay next to it, all the others too for that matter. The world was a safe place again, but if you studied the thick walls carefully you would notice small cracks that grew bigger for every tantrum...

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