The storm (or the end of time).

"Step into the darkness", she said and looked into his soul. Her eyes were black just like the long hair caressing her face in the wind. He fel hypnotized by her voice even though he knew he shouldn't listen to her.
"What are you afraid of?", she continued. He couldn't answer, he knew he would have to say 'everything' but it was as if his tongue was glued in it's place and he stayed silent. She smiled but there were no emotions in the movement. Despite this he knew she was the most beautiful and terrifying human being he had ever encountered in his entire life. The thing he was most afraid of was that she would destroy everything he was, and he also knew it would happen the moment he said yes to her invitation. 'The darkness' she called it, he knew it was the same thing as 'the end of him'. While they were standing there the weather became worse and it was turning into a storm which made him feel like they would fly up in the air, and then he would have to hold on to her. He would rather die than do that, but also knew he had to either way. She had him right where she wanted...

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