Like pieces of a puzzle

One day you will wake up and feel all is as it was always meant to be... One day all those small pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you will understand what motif they were meant to form all along. At the moment things are flying in the air and are hard to catch, your head is spinning with exhaustion and things to sort out, but don't worry. The day is moving closer, somehow you can feel it deep inside; that buzzing like a bee who is moving his wings faster and faster. I know you long for peace of mind, but maybe that's never been the goal, the goal is just to see the whole picture and realising where you fit into the landscape forming in front of you. High mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls... and you... A dreamer and a creator of your own path. It might be difficult for others to understand this stubborn struggle to fit it all together, but you know it will happen even if they might think you lost half of pieces already... small small steps... One day... Not tomorrow, but one day...

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