A moment of stillness

He was all alone. He had left the others when running from the crowd of shouting people. He sat down and leaned against a cold brick wall exhausted and without breath. He knew he could never turn back, but had no idea where to go either. The panic started to spread but he chose to ignore it and closed his eyes. He was alone. He would continue like that; just him against the rest of the world, never asking for help or needing anything from anyone. The thought calmed him down and made his body finally relax.

He opened his eyes and stared into the ones of a big dog, obviously one born on the street mixed from all kinds of breeds where all had contributed with something. He had always loved dogs but couldn't decide what it looked like. The dog stood completely still, not threatening him nor trying to make friends.

He remembered he had a meat sandwich stuffed in one of his big pockets of the jacket he wore and not took of the foil from it and offered it to the animal in front of him. It changed expression from blank to suspicious and sniffed the air without moving. Ha threw it on the ground and it just moved a leg to avoid being hit, but then slowly seemed to understand it was a gift and wouldn't attack. When the food was all gone the dog took a few steps closer to him but still keeping the distance and lay down still watching him.

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