Just thinking to myself

I sometimes wonder if this passion and desire to create things was something I was born with or if it grew during the years, but I cannot remember any time or moment when I haven't taken for granted I will one day work creatively one way or another.

I have never lived and breathed fashion,I just kind of ended up in it since it combines some of my favourite things; art, problem solving, technical issues, the need to think about materials, cuts, prints and make all of that into something someone could wear, like a walking canvas of my mind. The whole idea of creating something new and hopefully not seen a hundred times; a concept and a world I choose and then try to share with others, is very fullfilling in the end. Fashion, how much do I not hate that word and what it usually stands for, can be dull but also very exciting.

I am not choosing to take part of the community of trendsetters, it-people, fashionweek-posers and all those who think their value is in how much money they can spend on the right garment or accessory, I am choosing the world of the truly creative ones. You can usually see the difference; some of us haven't made a choice, our profession chose us somehow. I have a need to do this, and for that I sacrifice a "normal life" without blinking. It can be hard, I sometimes feel exhausted and wish I could just settle for less, but now I have reached a point where it's no turning back just pushing forward.

Life is what it is, and now my job has become my life ike it or not. I bring it with me every day, everywhere i go, and it sinks more and more in to me this fact; I have started a company and a brand that for others will be something they have a personal opinion about. They will not know what I was thinking, but rather figure out if it fits them or not. It's a fascinating thought and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. It took me long enough to start...

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