She woke up by a loud sound coming from the outside... Or was it inside her head..? At first she just lay there still and quiet without even opening her eyes, but her heart was pounding just a little bit faster. When she heard it again she couldn't ignore it but pushed the cover aside and slid out of bed, her steps slow and hesitating...

When just in front of the window she stopped and waited. Her hand shivered when she opened it and felt the light morning breeze caress her face. It was quiet, the stars could still be seen and she wondered if she had just dreamed the strange noise. Just when she was about to close and head back to bed there it was; it now sounded like an orchestra of a thousand violins, then it switched to drums and added a piano... A saxophone cried out an emotional melody then disappared and turned into a hymn of wordless voices. She stood there and absorbed it all, this time it didn't stop so suddenly and was one of the most beautiful things she had ever heard!

Her feet started to move to this unexpected music and she glided around in her apartment, dancing with both her arms and feet; feeling like she was flying in the air. The various instruments seemed to express everything she had kept in her mind the last year; all the worries, the joy, laughter, tears, all the hard work that made her feel alive while sucking her energy, the big changes and the hard and sad goodbyes... All of this filled her and she was one with everything at the same time.

When the music eventually stopped so did she and finally realized what had just happened; she had just heard the symphony that welcomed the New Year into her life! She smiled and whispered: "I am ready!"

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