Silent rythm

Silent rythm


The dancers on the empty floor

Moving to a rhythm nobody hears

They don't feel the limits of the others,

They float in the river inside


A heartbeat, a step, a touch

They are outside what we see

They have no more worries

All are this here, the dance


She has her eyes closed, his are wide open

Then they change and every now and then

Their looks meet

A longing from two souls


The touch is just an illusion

The real one nobody else can see

It is from the depth of the dance

The reason for it all


It's impossible to tear them apart

Time will not allow it

The floor will glue them to it

The room will close its walls and doors


Fear is gone forever

The dance will last forever

The depth of their feelings

Is as vast as the universe


He told her he loved her

She responded the same

They are unstoppable now

They dance to the same melody...

Etiketter: poetry

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